February 2012

Dyed Rice for Hours of Fun

I came across an idea on Pinterest that is sure to be a hit with young kids.  In fact, my four and two-year old kids couldn’t get enough of it when I showed it to them.  The concept is simple and easy to do – dying rice with food coloring.  If you have an old bag of rice that is past its expiration date, this is the perfect way to use it up and give your kids hours of entertainment.  You can use either white or brown rice for this – I used both and I bet you can’t tell the difference between them in the photo.

Kawasaki Disease

My son's hands started peeling the other day.  At one point, they seemed to be peeling several layers at once.  This wasn’t a major concern to me, but it kept up for about two weeks.  I looked online to see what could cause it, and while I’m pretty sure it is something he picked up when he started wrestling practice, I came across a rare disease where a common symptom is peeling hands.  Since almost no one would find peeling hands to be that big a deal, I thought maybe I should try to get the word out there.  My son’s hands are healed and he is fine, but someone else might not be so lucky.

Don't Forget to Snuggle

My four-year old son was sick the past few days.  It was nothing major, but enough to get him down and make him more interested in snuggle time.  That got me thinking about how easy it is to be caught up in life and forget to take the time to snuggle once in a while.  Snuggling shouldn’t be reserved for only those times when they don’t feel good.