January 2012

Limiting Snacks to Prevent Grazing

Getting toddlers to eat a healthy diet can be one of the most frustrating parts of parenting the little guys. Young kids tend to be picky eaters, which can make finding good snack choices an uphill battle.  If your children like to graze throughout the day, it can be even more difficult to make sure they are eating good foods.  Limiting those grazing opportunities will help you have more control over what they eat, ensuring a more balanced diet.

Child-Led Learning

You have probably heard of those reading programs that are supposed to teach an 18-month old baby to read.  They have become very popular with parents who want their children to be advanced, intelligent and able at younger and younger ages.  My reaction when I heard of them was, “Let’s let our kids be kids a little while longer.”

Are Pacifiers Bad?

When my first child was born, I was sure I would not have a pacifier.  I didn’t like the idea of something artificial being planted in my son’s mouth all the time, and I figured if women from ages ago raised their babies without pacifiers, so could I.  That all changed after the first overnight nursing marathon.