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Oh, the Potty Training Fun!

I planned to write this post a couple of weeks ago, and things were much different then.  My four-year old son has refused to potty train, even though we have been gently trying to encourage him for the past, oh, 2.5 years or so.  This post was going to be my plea for help to figure out what we haven’t tried and hopefully finally get him to get rid of his diapers.

Last week, we brought home his new baby sister, so now is definitely not a good time to try potty training, but after changing one diaper too many the other night, Daddy told him he wasn’t getting a diaper the next day.

I was sure that wouldn’t work, because we’ve tried it before and he will start crying that he needs a diaper.  Call us softies, but making our baby stand there in tears because he wants a diaper is just more than we were willing to do.

So yesterday, we put him in his big boy underwear, promised him a $20 toy and decided to see how it went.  Amazingly enough, he has been doing great!  I’m not sure what changed, except maybe he feels older now that he’s a big brother again.  We’ve tried bribing before too, but maybe the toy we offered this time is something he wants more.  In any case, he is finally ready and is going strong on day 2 with only one accident.

I don’t know if it will last, but I do know I am glad we let him decide when he was ready rather than making it into a big, negative issue.  If he had protested not having a diaper, we would have given him one, but I am so glad it is working out.  Now, to get to the two-year old!