Toddler Clothes on a Budget

Toddler Clothes on a Budget

Young kids go through clothes at supersonic speed.  Keeping up can keep your head spinning and your wallet empty, especially if you buy new clothes for your kids.  There are ways to keep those young tots in clothes without such a big drain on your cash, and most of the time you will get clothes that look almost as new as fresh off the rack.

Craigslist is my favorite place to get baby and toddler clothes, because I don’t like the hassle of shopping.  You can often find bags full of clothes for just a few dollars, and you are spared the headache of finding each item of clothing individually.  I recently picked up a kitchen garbage bag full of 5T clothes for $5 – you can’t beat that at any used clothing store.

Consignment Shops
Many kid clothing consignment shops exist, where you can buy, trade and sell gently used clothing.  Expect to pay a premium price for used clothes at these types of stores, but you can also expect higher quality there too.

Thrift Stores
Unlike consignment shops, people seem not to think of going to thrift stores for kids clothes.  I’m not sure why that is, but the selection always seems to be surprisingly good at thrift stores, and the prices are very reasonable as well.

Buying kid clothing does not have to be a major expense or headache.  Since they grow out of them so quickly, it makes no sense to buy new clothes, only to get rid of them after only one or two uses.