Everyday Learning Opportunities

Everyday Learning Opportunities

Schooling your children does not have to be about setting formal hours, sitting down in a classroom or studying from a textbook.  Kids as young as a year can begin to learn about the world around them, and you can use everyday activities to teach lessons such as math, science, critical thinking and less textbook skills like compassion, helping and fairness.

Dinner preparation can become a lesson on fractions, and even a younger child can understand the concept of halves and quarters through measuring cups, cutting apples or dividing leftovers.   Those fractions can be applied to lessons about sharing fairly, dividing two groups into equal parts for two children, for example.

Cleaning the change out of your purse is a great opportunity to teach about different coin denominations and counting.  Kids love to sort through change, so a stack of coins can be worth a good twenty minutes or more of entertainment value.

Dyeing Easter eggs is a chance to teach about how colors interact with each other.  Let your kids experiment with combining different colors to see what new shades they make, or make a lesson out of using natural ingredients to create dyes.  Beets and blueberries are great examples of foods that can make beautiful, lasting dyes.

Every day presents a new opportunity to teach your children something valuable through the mundane activities you perform.  Taking advantage of those opportunities before your children start school can give them a lifelong edge in learning, and teach them that education can be fun, as well as practical.