Are You Teaching Your Kids How to Fight?

Are You Teaching Your Kids How to Fight?

As my kids went after each other yet again the other day, I caught myself mid holler and realized that perhaps they aren’t coming up with their attitudes all alone.  All too often, we forget that the things we do and say are far more educational than what we tell our kids, and the examples we set do more to teach our kids how to be than any book or lecture.

At our house, we do not fight in front of the children – or at all, for that matter – but the way we react when they start to fight is sometimes not conducive to a peaceful solution. By getting upset when they do, we teach them that being emotional is the way to respond.  If we make a big deal out of little sister pulling hair, soon enough, it will become a big deal, whether it was before or not.

Likewise, if we get angry at one another for little things, we are teaching our kids to blow things out of proportion and we are instilling resentment and anger in those young minds.

By modeling the behavior we want our children to display, we give them the best education possible and help them to understand that respect and honesty are the most important traits they can have.

So next time your children start to bicker, take a step back and examine how you respond to the situation.  It could be that you are teaching more than you intended, setting the stage for behavioral problems throughout life.